Boat hire (license required)

If you have nautical license, to hire a boat is the best way to explore the coves and beaches of Menorca, departing from the port of Ciutadella, the most picturesque of the island, which offers amenities such as public showers, ties with easy access and free parking.

You can design a route, depending on the weather, that will not disappoint your expectations of crystal clear waters and ideal spots to anchor.

You will find your boat ready to sail, perfectly clean and with a full fuel tank, and our continued service to cover any contingency.

Unlike other companies, we need not waste time to fill up at the gas station. Returning will be charged liters consumed. Engines  have digital liter counter,  fuel is charged at the normal price of gasoline that day.


Aquamar 17 (50/70 HP) + info


Remus 620  (+ info)

Sessa Key Largo Venti (150 HP) + info


Sessa Key Largo 22 Deck (150 HP) + info


Pacific Craft 670 Open (200 HP) + info