-What happens if I have reserved the day the weather is bad, do I lose the deposit?

No. In case of rain, storms, or strong winds that impede navigation, the company will canceldepartures for that day. Customers who have paid booking may change for another day depending on availability, or recover the full amount of the reservation.

No reservations are canceled by subjective conditions as “slightly cloudy” or “I can not go to the area that I want.”

I intend to go to the area of ​​Macarella. What if that day is windy from South? Can I change to another day?

We can not guarantee that you can make the path you want. Many of our customers want to visit the area-Cala Turqueta Macarella, which are the most popular coves of Minorca (though a bit crowded), and in most summer days you can go without any problem from our port. But there are so beautiful bays like those in any of the routes that can be done from Ciutadella, and if the wind blows South or the sea is moved in the Macarella area, we will advise them navigate the north of the island (which, incidentally, is the preferred route for the Menorcan …)

But we can not cancel reservations for this reason. If you want to do a route and not another, we prefer that no reserve and wait the optimal day for your intentions.

Can I go with young children?

No boarding recommend children under two years. The sun and salt are very aggressive. If you decide to take them, reserve a boat with cabin (Key Largo 20 or Key Largo  22), soyou can put them to rest.

-¿Counts a child  a place as an adult?

-The rules are strict in the case of places: a small child counts as an adult and can not exceed the maximum approval of each vessel.

Do I have to fill the gas tank?

-We give all our boats with gasoline enough for your route. Upon returning, you can fill  at the port’s pump or pay the liters consumed. Please note that the port stations are more expensive than “normal”. In the port of Ciutadella charge eight or ten cents per liter more than “normal”, and the port of Cala’n Bosch this difference may be more than twenty cents per liter.