Navigation License Course



Navigation License in Menorca

 The “Licencia de Navegación” allows you to operate boats up to 6 meters in length, with the power recommended by the manufacturer (i.e. no power limit), but only during daylight hours and without going more than two miles from a port, beach or shelter. This License shall be valid throughout Spain. It has no expiration date.

The Navigation License may be issued by the Federations (as until now with the “Titulín”) and nautical schools duly approved, after completing four hours of practice and two hours of theory, without having to take any exam or test.

We do the practices in the port and the bay of Ciutadella, aboard an outboard boat of 6 meters in length and 150 hp power, which is the type of boat that can be carried with the license.

The theoretical part (two hours), which is carried out with the support of audiovisual material, must be completed before participating in the internship.

How do I book the course?

The regulations require that the administration be informed 48 hours in advance of the internship of the students who will be participating. Therefore, it is essential  to book the course at least three days in advance.

You will need  a medical examination similar to the one for the driver’s license, in any examination center:


In Ciutadella:

  • C/Anselm Pujol, 12, tel. 971385855
  • C/ República Argentina, 134, tel 971383355-683410475
  • C/ Mossèn Salord i Farnés, 74, tel 971381477

When you apply for the survey, you must indicate that you need it for the navigation license.

The price of the course, including theory, practice, and the issuance of the license is 195 euros.

What will I learn?

An explanation is given on the theoretical part of the course, which will later be developed on board. It will clarify necessary concepts about RIPA regulations (regulations for the prevention of collisions, collisions between boats), parts of the boat, safety equipment, documentation and regulations.

In addition, basic notions for the use of a portable VHF radio station will be taught, limited to the knowledge of channel 16, its use in case of emergency and basic routine communications, as well as how to contact Salvamento Marítimo (channel 16 and telephones 112 and 900 202 202).

After the theoretical explanations, we go aboard a boat and do four hours of practice.

Knowledge and handling of safety equipment, review of critical points of the vessel and checks prior to departure to sea.

Identification of the elements of the propulsion system. Engine start-up and operational checks.

All students must learn to handle the boat with a certain degree of ease. Neutral, forward, reverse, port speed, glide, safety maneuvers.

We will sail to a nearby cove and begin with anchoring maneuvers, recognize the safety marks, man overboard maneuvers, how to navigate in different circumstances and how to act in front of other boats.

Back to the port we will insist on the docking maneuver (entering the mooring correctly).

And we will finish by practicing the three fundamental sailor knots: ace of guide, cote and ballestrinque.

Remember to bring your medical certificate, it is essential for you to be able to get your Sailing License as soon as we finish the course.