License of Navigation Course

Get your boating license in just one morning without consideration! 

Already approved new regulations on sailing qualifications, and entered into force on 10 October 2014. The main novelty is that it creates a new degree, the “License of Navigation” which can handle boats up to six meters in length with the power recommended by the manufacturer (ie, unlimited power), but only during daylight hours and not further  than two miles from a port, beach or coast. It will be enough to navigate all the coastline of Menorca. This license shall be valid throughout Spain. No expiration.

Navigation License may issue the Federations and duly accredited sailing schools, following four hours of practice and two of theory, without conducting any examination or test.

Is it worthwhile to get this license?

We sincerely believe so. Although the law allows carrying vessels up to five meters and 15 HP of power without any license, we do not rent this type of boat because they have enough power to confront the slightest worsening sea conditions and because we think they are minimum knowledge required for safe navigation.

With this license you will enjoy safe and powerful boats, and know how to act in different circumstances that may occur in navigation.

How to book a course?

The law requires to inform  48 hours before performing the practices of those who will be participating students. Therefore, you have to book the course with a minimum of three days.

Also you will need  a medical examination. Please specify when you go to do reconnaissance in need for navigation license.

The price of the course, including the theory, practice, and the issuance of the license is 195 euros.