Traditional private boat from Fornells

Full or half day private charter from the Port of Fornells.

On board you can snorkel, dive in our marine reserve, contemplate the posidonia meadow and our marine fauna, practice paddle surfing, visiting the most relevant coves of the north, or relax on deck enjoying a good wine and a typical appetizer.

The boat will be directed by our local skipper, who has extensive experience in navigation and knowledge of the coastline of the island, in order to offer the best explanations and details of each of the hidden corners of our island.

A menorcan traditional llaut with a length of 10 meters and a beam of 3.6 meters. Inside, she has a spacious and comfortable cabin, a large salon and a small bathroom.

East – West Route

They will be chosen by the skipper, depending on the day and the sea conditions.

– Cala Tusqueta, Cala Pudenta, Son Parc, Macar de sa Llosa, Arenal d’en Castell, Addaia…

– Cala Tirant, Cala Viola, Cavalleria, Binimel-là, Cala Pregonda…